Alpagas fibre soyeuse

Washing your products

Alpaca fiber does not retain much dust or odors so you will not need to wash your items very often. In good weather, you can cool them outside and let the wind do the work for you!

When it comes time to wash them, your items will require hand washing. We suggest here two possibilities for cleaning:

Eucalan -
Soap without rinsing enriched lanolin with lavender oil (a natural mothproof), or natural and unscented. Deep cleanses and enhances the natural beauty of silk, alpaca and mohair or any other delicate washable item. Biodegradable and non-toxic.

Fill with warm / cold water

Add Eucalan *. 

Soak for 15 minutes, do not agitate

Press gently by hand to remove excess water - do not twist Do not rinse!
Flat dry away from heat and sun
If necessary retouch the iron at the lowest temperature.

Other mild soap;
follow the same instructions as with Eucalan but rinse with cold water

* Fur, for its part, does not wash with water. Gentle brushing or gentle surface cleaning is sufficient to maintain it and then, if necessary, professional cleaning is recommended.