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100% alpaca tuque with pompon

80.00 $

Knitted tuque made from 100% alpaca with a faux-fur pompon on a press-stud. Unique creation handmade in Quebec. This tuque was made from Quebec alpaca fibre.

Alpaca felted insoles

21.74 $

Felted insoles made from 100% alpaca, reinforced with jute in the middle. Product handmade in Quebec. These soles are very comfortable. Because of their numerous characteristics, they keep your feet dry and warm.


Alpaca knit beanie

70.00 $ 60.89 $

Knitted tuque made from 100% alpaca. Handmade in Quebec. This tuque will keep you warm with hit double brim.

Alpaca knitted hat

60.89 $

Knitted hat made from 85% alpaca/15% merino. Unique creation handmade in Quebec. This hat was made from the fleece of our alpacas.

Alpaca wool/knitting yarn beige

30.10 $48.65 $

Knitting hank made from 80% alpaca (from our handsome Zig Zag) 10% merino and 110% bamboo.
200 metres per 100 grams.

Our products are made in Quebec from the alpacas raised here, at our farm.