Grey knitted shawl 100% alpaca


Hand knitted shawl from 90% alpaca fleece 10% merino, light and soft thread. The fibre comes from our alpaca Windy.

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Wash cold by hand with mild soap and dry flat. Can be ironed at the “wool” temperature for maximum softness.

We suggest two possibilities for washing:
  • Fill a container with warm/cold water. Add Eucalan*. Soak for 15 minutes, do not agitate. Press gently by hand to remove excess water. Do not twist nor rinse!
  • Other mild soap: follow the same instructions as with Eucalan, but rinse with cold water.

*Eucalan: Rinse-free soap enriched with lanolin and lavender oil (a natural mothproof product), or natural and unscented. Cleans deeply and enhances the natural beauty of silk, alpaca fleece and mohair, or any other delicate washable article. Available in store. Biodegradable and non-toxic.